Savage Ghostbusters Virtual Table Top Role Playing Game!

I just recently finished converting the fan made PDF for the Savage Ghostbusters setting that uses the Savage Worlds TTRPG ruleset. I can now run Savage Ghostbusters games in Fantasy Grounds VTT!

I am running a session this Friday at 9pm Eastern (UTC -4) and then again on Saturday at 8pm Eastern (UTC -4). They are one shot missions intended to be played in a 3-4 hour time span. I will be running the same mission both nights. There is the Fantasy Grounds College Spooktober event happening this weekend and I am running the Saturday game for them, signups are through their website. PM me for the info!

Incoming advertisement for my Discord:

Welcome to The Barking Spider!

Please excuse the smell, it’s chili night.

We are seeking players and DMs to come join in the fun! We are system agnostic. If you want to run it, then by all means RUN IT! We are a Level 1 Boosted Discord server with 128Kbps audio! We have an RPG Schedule bot. We have a Groove bot. We have a Piggies bot. We allow a Syrinscape account (i.e. second account to push sounds and music through). We have a suggestions bot. We have four dice rolling bots! One will easily allow playing a Savage Worlds game without a VTT. Another will handle Call of Cthulhu and Conan 2d20 rolls.

We are mostly homed in the American timezones but are looking to expand. We have a few players in the European/Asian timezones.

Personally I use Fantasy Grounds (Classic and Unity, Ultimate licenses for both) and can run D&D 5e, Robert E. Howard’s Conan 2d20 RPG, DCC RPG, and Savage Worlds (RIFTS, Deadlands Reloaded, Vermilium One Sheets, Beasts & Barbarians, The Last Parsec, Wiseguys, A Savage Guide to Dinosaurs: Dino World, Sundered Skies, Abyssal, Spirits of 1786, Tesla Rangers, The Lost City of Astla, Savage Ghostbuster, and coming soon Dawn of the Daikaiju, Trailer Park Shark Attack, and The Wolverines Take The Highway To The Danger Zone). I am focusing on Savage Worlds right now, using Fantasy Gorunds Unity, and have a weekly one shot game looking for players. We have three GMs who can run Call of Cthulhu. We have a GM running CoC6e one shots every Wednesday in a UK friendly timezone.

Looking for players and GMs 18+ years of age. GMs can get their own personal rooms or use one of the available rooms. New players, new GMs, seasoned players, forever GMs come join up and have some fun!

Wherever your adventures take you, start at The Barking Spider!