Scariest Movies

In the post ReaperCast show we got to talking about Scariest Movies. I love Horror Movies of all sorts. Slasher flicks, cheesy one, terrifying ones but I’d like to know what movies do you consider your scariest?

Jaws 1975
I saw this as a 6 year old boy (maybe a little older) in the drive in. What really ramped up the terror is my family went to the shore the following week. Yeah, that didn’t work out too well. To this day, my brother and I both are affected by this movie. We search for “bait” when we go in the ocean. And by bait we mean people we can outswim. Sure this movie looks dated by today’s standard but it was rough when we saw it.

The Thing

Special effects were off the charts with this one. What was so terrifying was not knowing who the Thing was. It could be anyone. Plus it had Kurt Russell. Great horror movie

A Nightmare on Elm Street
The original movie was so different than any horror movie I’ve ever seen. This one scared you to go to sleep. It was before Freddy Kruger got campy (loved those movies as well for different reasons). Freddy Kruger was unlike any typical slasher at the time, truly a scary villain. Someone that could come into your dreams and kill you. Even the visuals were well thought out, it felt as though you were in a nightmare.

The Ring
Simple premise. Watch a videotape, die a few days later. This seemed like a hookey movie but holy fuck it wasn’t. This was one that really spooked me. That girl ghost thing was too creepy. Funny story, while at a pivotal point in the movie an upstairs door slammed shut for no reason. Yeah, I’ll admit I was scared shitless. Not sure wtf happened but it was perfect timing.

The Exorcist
Saw this one way too young. Not sure of my age but all I know at the time I should not be watching this movie. I don’t think any movie terrified me as much as this one. It was so bad I asked my very religous grandmother to get me a cross blessed by the priest to hang over my bed. I did not want to get possessed. The scene where she writes “Help Me” on her stomach was enough for me. Fuck that!

Let’s hear what movies really scared the fuck out of you. Like I said, I love horror flicks and would love some recommendations.

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Great post, and great descriptions for each movie. I never really got into horror movies. Honestly don’t think I’ve seen more than a handful. I have seen jaws, the exorcist, and one of the nightmare on elm street movies, maybe #3. I saw Halloween 7 I think it is and didn’t sleep right for a week. I can’t remember anything specific about it, but it was first I saw in theaters and it got me.

Saw was one that to me wasn’t a horror movie through and through, but it got me too. The pighead character fucking lurked behind every closed door and dark hallway for a good while after seeing it. Loved that movie, never really watched any of the others that followed.

My favorite horror movie is more scifi, but still makes me uncomfortable. Alien. Followed by The Thing.

If you’re into horror, It Follows, is pretty awesome.

I was 10 when I was taken to Poltergeist. Needless to say it was years after of me making sure all televisions in the house were off and my closet doors were definitely closed at night. I wasn’t getting sucked through them to hell.

Other one that messed with me is actually a comedy. I was 6 and saw Foul Play where they have a crazy story about a dwarf and an albino plotting to kill the pope. Freaking albino scared the living hell out of me. Will look for a picture of the character when I am on a computer.

Jeepers Creepers freaked me out.
The first half of the first one anyway.
Once we find out who he is all the tension was gone.

The Ring and The Grudge both were pretty chilling when I first saw them.
Wrong Turn was good too.

It’s just like the classic sports underdog movie. The first one you watch is genre-defining, for you, and you compare all the others you watch to it.

Loved the SAW series, thought they were immensely clever and tied in so well.

There must be loads more but I usually forgot the names of them.

The Ring, yea, I remember watching that without much expectation and came out of it very shocked, so much that I watched it again the next morning so I can see all the little details that I missed the first time through.

Poltergeist was a good one. My wife is still afraid of clown dolls.

Every Saturday as a kid one of th tv stations played the old horror movies. I never missed any. My scariest is Them from 1954. The noise they made still freaks me out. Lame but true.

I absolutely love horror/slasher flicks, and can honestly say I never really found any to be scary…I actually get giddy when they show awesome kills. However there was one movie that my grandma made me watch when I was in grade 3 - Salem’s Lot - this is the only movie to ever give me nightmares.

I don’t get into the genre any more. I just don’t enjoy them like I did.

Poltergeist was great as was nightmare and even Friday the 13th both going with the first ones as they got silly quick, tho nightmare 3 was good.

Nobody has said hostel yet. Not necessarily a “horror” movie, but if anyone has traveled overseas, it can get to you.


I would suggest Human Centipede but that’s not a horror movie. It’s a GRG love story.


Children of the Corn

scared the shit out of me when i was a kid. One of my faves is
John Carpenter’s In The Mouth of Madness

I’m thinking half of what I watch is horror. As a kid the classics scared the shit out of me, Nightmare of Elm Street, IT, Night of the Living Dead, and The Shining.

Lately though I haven’t found anything that has bothered since the ending seems to just ruin everything for me. As far as enjoyed? As Above So Below, Amityville Horror (2005), Last House of the Left (2009), The Strangers, Sinister, and Psycho to name a few. There are so many that could have been amazing, but then just almost turn into a comedy for me.

I’m a huge Jason Voorhees fan. I actually rooted for him for the most part.
But when I was young Even Horizion got to me, and Sphere

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