Scourge of the Past Raid (XB1-9pm Saturday 12/15)

@destinyplayers About a year ago we started Argos (eater of worlds)…we have recently finished that raid and have some completions on Last wish, there has been a decent amount of interest in moving to this one for various reasons (shiny penny, morgeth bug, I’m the one making this post, and others)

*All are welcome. This is designed to be a fun teamwork exercise that awards us good raid gear. *(we are thinking 610 is probably the LL floor). Please sign up below so we can plan for 1, 2 or 3 raid teams. Signups have priority over show-ups. We will start filling open slots by 9:15 unless you let us know you are running late and maybe we will hold your slot.

You can count me in…

The raid isn’t 640?

the raid is all of 640 but we are going to go have fun with it anyway…as none of us are 640, I suspect it will be like kalli and we need to know the mechanics and then get dps…goal for this weekend will be mechanics
EDIT: if there is more interest for LL or whatever reason to RUN “Last Wish” …let’s do that…please let me know

I would be down for whatever

Put me down as an alt. I’m not sure when I’ll be on Saturday.

I am in this week. I will run either raid.

I know this is not the raid you’re wanting to do…but I think we were making the riven cheese harder than it needed to be…see video

True but we were also running 2 warlocks and the rest hunters…I’ve been noticing that they have been making group composition more important fot the end game activities.

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No shit. Dump the 2 warlocks and pick up 2 more Hunters. :grin:

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Im in as always

I would be down, but I am only at LL664 right now, have done every powerful I can except Last Wish. So, I will be on, but probably grinding gambit for the auto rifle.

I mean 564, not 664…

I’ll be on if there is still any spots open