Scuf Elite

Temptation was hitting me hard last night. Saw Scuf’s page with the Scuf Xbox Elite controllers. Looks like you can now give the Elite the Scuf treatment, but they’re still pretty damn pricey.

I think I like how the paddles are on the M$ Elite. The scuff paddles just seem weirdly places to me, but I have never used them. It looks cool though.

Yea, ive owned 2 scufs over the years. they were great, never had a single issue with anything. felt great too.
I like the Elite so not sure that price is worth it unless you just got cash to blow or your shooting for MLG status.

Aren’t we all? I thought it was a GRG requirement.

That’s why I was interested in the Scuf elite, since you could have the paddles for the elite itself. But I don’t know about paying 150 for a controller much less nearly 200 with every config I’ve tried.

someone better explain what that means the @anon42851937. Owning all the games doesn’t count, you have to play them

Says the guy who still hasn’t moved past the letter A in his steam library since the baby was born…

LOL I think we have got him addicted to PUBG.

the elite is pretty damn close to having the best features of the scuff with some additional features that scuff lacked. Back paddles, trigger stops, and different length sticks were my favorite features of the scuff. The elite improved on that with the ability to turn off the trigger stops with a switch. Besides the custom colors and a different feel to the grips, i don’t think its worth it.

lol, almost true @anon42851937 . I haven’t been on Ark for over a week. Shocking, I know, but I had to move hard drives cause of the weird thing about update space that just pissed me off.

And I am currently hooked on PUBG, seriously. But I was also one of the few on the BF4 event this last week. Im coming back out of my dinosaur filled jungle. My wife is having to re-adjust. She has already expressed to me that I get too loud while playing PUBG.

I won’t even pony up the money for an Elite so no chance. Shit I never break controllers so still have my originals.