Sea Of Thieves is having 3 Xbox One Technical Alpha play sessions this weekend 7/28-7/30

We’re having three Xbox One Technical Alpha play sessions this weekend and 10,000 new pirates will be invited! Invitations go out tonight.

Any other Sea of Thieves insiders here? There will be 3 four hour play sessions 11am to 3pm Pacific Time Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

lol, it’s always such odd times. I bet I won’t make any of these.

My interest in this game has petered out


That could be said for any fame, right?

Does’t help that half the time the test are broken, over loaded, or you get stuck with the potato squad.

I was able to play in all three sessions. First was 5 hours 45 minutes long. Second I had to get off at the announced end but am told it went for 5 hours plus. Third I got 5 hours of play time. So total play time was 14 hours 45 minutes of piratey goodness! Had some intense ship battles. Some thrilling melee. Procured around 50k more gold. Met a few potatoes but also added another 6-7 friends to my list. Played all three sessions with a man from Oklahoma who had never played before. Showed him the ropes and by the end of the third session he was a salty sea dog bathed in blood and showered in gold (hee hee)! Can’t wait for the next Saturday session!

Is a purchase or just a game to have fun on during the alpha / beta?

I will be purchasing it. I’d throw money at it right now. There is not a game on the Xbox quite like it. It encourages communication and coordinated game play. I rarely play games with strangers anymore. When I do I even more rarely engage in chat. While playing in the tech alpha I have been on Mic for every session. Made some new friends. I also rarely play PvP. With Sea of Thieves I am excited to engage in PvP. I enjoy the fact there are no set roles to choose and be locked into for the session. Anybody can do anything that needs doing. I can’t count how many times I’ve played Overwatch and had to switch to healer because no one else would. Invariably there is one person whining through the chat saying “we need a healer, someone switch to healer” when they only play as Reaper. When you encounter a team in Sea of Thieves that know what they are doing it makes the event more intense. In Saturday’s play session we encountered a vessel we called “The Black Shark”. For 30 minutes we played cat and mouse trying to get angle on each other to get our guns to bear but not be in the line of fire of the other team. We finally got a good wind angle while they were turning and we zipped off behind a rock only to come about and give them a broadside. When you are firing a cannon and hit a ship you are rewarded with a musical chord informing you of a hit. We got 3 hits on them below the waterline and a couple more on the mid deck. Someone blasted their top deck and probably killed one of the enemy. We watched their ship sink and we attempted to pick them off while they were swimming in the ocean. I will be purchasing this game. Most definitely.

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I’ve enjoyed the play sessions, but it’s slow paced compared to everything that’s been a hit with GRG/2o2s. It also wore thin for me after 3 play sessions and seems like there is not a lot of novelty/story (but then again it is just an alpha).

I’d call it a coin flip at this point - heads it’s the division all over, tails it’s the new hotness