Secret Dev room in Fallout 76

If it’s there players will eventually find it.


Pretty big cunt move to ban players for playing the game (assuming they didn’t have to hack anything to gain entry…).

Don’t want people into your super secret room? Build a better fucking lock.


it seems they’re not being banned, but suspended until they reveal how they accessed the room. this article also mentions that “less than legitimate means” were used to access it. pretty sure there’s more to the story than the article above. I guess we’ll just have to wait on more info.

I thought it said they were banned if they didn’t respond to the request.

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one source says they got an error with a note saying they would remained banned if they didn’t reveal how they did it; but that’s only one source and I’m always skeptical of peoples ability to be fully honest. multiple sources say that they are suspending the account of anyone who enters the secret area

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