Selden007 here and ready to play

hey all, thanks for having me. I am from the 2old2play community from long long ago. still a co-host on the 2old2play podcast, now named Still Got Game. used to be called 2old2type podcast. for those that come from 2o2p, I was in 2old2pwn before they broke off from the main site. Still an active gamer in Xbox, PC and mobile. and looking to get back into community gaming nights and finally broke down and followed LaLa to this community. aside from that, huge Buckeyes fan as well as Cleveland sports, (originally from Ohio!) Now living on Long Island in NY. out side of video games Hiking is my passion and still playing some volleyball (hopefully when pandemic lifts)


I thought I recognized that name. Welcome.

welcome to the community

Welcome to GRG!

GT is beers and leafs on XBox

Welcome to GRG!

What games are you playing now?

Welcome to Grg its good to have ya

mostly it has been Outriders and pga 2k21 on Xbox. but have mlb the show loaded and waiting for me after work. was in Valhalla for a long time. plus some phone games and PokerStars VR on oculus…

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Welcome…old one…lv Giddy vl on xbox.

Is that all you play in vr?