Anybody watched this yet? Netflix show that a friend recommended. I just watched the first episode and I can’t figure out wth? Not sure if I want to keep watching or not. Reminds me of Lost as far as I have no idea what is going.

I watched it, it was terrible. Really really bad. I was hoping it would play off a Matrix style thing but no it never did. Just so bad.

You’ll love the way it throws homosexuality and transgender sex at you. I know it’s your thing.

Really, just stay away.

My girlfriend loves it. She has been begging me to watch it so she has someone to talk to about it. I fill like I should since she started watching GOT and TWD for me, which she loves.


It was a girl that recommended it to me. She likes it, your girl likes it, and Lala is mostly a girl. So 2 out of 3 girls recommend it.


Yeah I am with lala on this. It could have been cool but they just went too far with it.

I liked it.
Still, not sure where they plan to go with it.

The core premise was original enough to make it interesting and the majority of the characters were well written with a decent script.

There was one girl / lesbian couple that I found rather irritating but they weren’t always on screen.

I’m not sure we watched the same show…

The girl / lesbian couple was a post op transgender and a lesbian. I felt the post op transgender was very stereotypical with the “No one understands me” and the constant crying. Almost as bad was the gay actor, he was just awful.

I’m not sure why I even finished the show as I truly hated it. I guess I was giving the Wachowski brothers way too much credit and figured they’d turn it around. They didn’t. It turns out they peaked at The Matrix (1st one) and it’s been all downhill for them since.

Lesbian was worse. Never disliked Freema so much.

Erm. Yeah. Speaking of postop.
It’s the Wachowski siblings now…

brothers. He chose to cut his willy off but he’s still a man.