Sherpa Lala through the Raid!

Looking for people to sherpa my sorry ass through the raid. I’m finally at 375 and should be ok to go through it. I know all but the last stage (I get the concept just never been). I should be on either Friday or Saturday after 9:00 PM EST.


I can do 9, but I gotta be logged off by 11 latest.

I could be down for this and will be on. Just ping me if you need someone. I might be in BF.

I can run it tonight. Maybe tomorrow too. I think we can get 6 players tonight.

Did you finish it

Yea what’s the status here guys? You hosers finish or what’s up? I’ll be around tonight if y’all need help. If not then I’ll probably just play Skyrim

I bowed out phase 1 final boss. They were doing good. Coulda just been me holding them back :grin:

I bailed at 1:45. We almost dropped him, got him mega low but not enough. I was hoping to beat him to get the outbreak prime quest. Too bad I had to get up at the ass crack of dawn.

I now have a good understanding of the final phase.

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I wish you guys would have beaten it. I need some buddies to do this outbreak quest with. All my guns are higher than the 390 prime but it’s the last exotic quest I need for the book. Things at work will calm down for me after the mailer cutoff Tuesday for the election. If you need anyone for a fresh monitor run.

I’m not sure if they continued after I left. The main problem we had was just getting used to the party changes. Tough to learn how everyone plays.


Anyone interested in running the raid this weekend? Friday or Saturday? I can’t hang too late Friday night as I have to get up at the ass crack of dawn for kid’s basketball game.

I am in, Friday and or Saturday. Are we starting over or finishing it?


I’m good for either or. Probably picking up where we are at is better for me on Friday. I’ll do whatever for Saturday.

I’m down for Friday. Have house guests on Saturday

I’m in for Friday. If you want the outbreak prime quest we need to start over. Shouldn’t be too much of an issue either way if we do. I’ll be on after 5pm Friday until it’s complete.

I will be on all weekend @Lala_Calamari with the Extra Life fund raiser, we should be able to get a group together.

Count me out. I’ll doing that bs job duty. Unless I am out sick and home you’ll have to someone take my spot.

@OmniscientShark you in this time? Not like your not gonna be on for 24hrs…

Haha ya, i think I can find time

What are we thinking? 8:30-9pm window?