Shooter McGavin Monday 3/27

Shooter McGavin Monday

Join GRG Monday Night (3/27) for some good ole shooting. Look for parties in Battlefield 1 and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Just stay out of my way… or you’ll pay! LISTEN to what I say!

We’ll need some kind volunteers to step up and run some GR:W Fireteams.


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I just started GRW and am only level 6, but I should be able to level up more by then and try to run a team…after I go eat some hay, make stuff out of clay and lay down by the bay, yeah I just may.


@BattlefieldPlayers -

I’ll be on playing some BF1 tonight.

Unless I can get 4 more people into Paladins…which I doubt will happen. So BF1 it is.

Is paladins fun? Its only15$ right

It is free I believe but you can pay 15 to unlock everything.

There might still be an open Key. I also put some brief thoughts about the game there. The game will be free when released but you’ll only have a few characters to play as. You can buy them from the cash shop or unlock then via in game currency. The $15 bucks unlocks all the champions right away.

As for fun, I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s a complete clone of Overwatch. A lot of the characters are almost direct ripoffs. Even the game mode is similiar (a little change). They have added the character customization that’s just like Smite (not just skins but abilities). You can create custom builds to play as. You also unlock skills during the game. You can upgrade your guy during the match based on what you want to do or who you’re facing.

I’m liking this better than Overwatch as I found a few characters I like to play as. I could never find a class I liked in Overwatch. Also, the AI controlled turrets aren’t as overbearing as Overwatch’s are. Those drove me away from Overwatch completely.

I am hoping to play some Battlegrounds tonight.

I will start with some Wildlands, but if there’s not much interest I’m gonna jump to BF1

I will try to jump on early for some GRW shenanigans. Stupid time change!

I’m down for bf1… haven’t played in about a week… gotta knock the rust

Cool beans, I should be on by 8 or so eastern.

Ay yo I myt could play sum bf

Great, haven’t seen you around much lately Texas.

whut tym tho?

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Look above. You have it free, try it.

I’m getting on now, but fore warned, I’m only level 6.

@mac79pr @CaptainPeeJ and @D1G1TALC1PHERS took in some more Battlegrounds action. One match we made it down to where there were only 10 other people left.

Holy try-hards, Batman! DLC always brings out the better players to put me in my place. I tried to join you guys on BF1, but everyone left 10 minutes into the game. Then I was having the same issue Lala and some others were having. We could join the party but not the game. Hope they iron this out! Guess they know they have 2 years and fixing bugs isn’t making any money. Forcing out DLC does though! Been rage quitting quite a bit lately. Between the horrible tasks you have to complete to unlock new guns, and all the try-hards…I need a break. So I’m taking Tuesday off. See ya Wednesday night for some more frustration!