Shooter McGavin Monday 5/15


Join GRG Monday Night (4/24) for some good ole shooting. Look for parties in Battlefield 1 and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Just stay out of my way… or you’ll pay! LISTEN to what I say!

We’ll need some kind volunteers to step up and run some GR:W Fireteams.


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I will be on for this one.

I’ll be down for some Paladins.

Anyone running a BF1 room? @BattlefieldPlayers Overwatch? @OverwatchPlayers CoD? @codplayers

I would like to get on some Paladins.

BF1 for me.

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I will be on BF1

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I’ll be on BF1. Hope we can get enough people on @necrofraggle’s server. If not I’m sure we will all chill someplace else. If there is no one else on BF I may go to Paladins.

You may want to look at a smaller game mode if you guys do hit up Necro’s server. Maybe Domination or TDM. Something that can get started easier.

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I’ll be on something. Wildlands seems to have died off for group play. Maybe BF1 or GTA heists

I will be on paladins.

I’m down for some GTA action. @xxxNAILBUNNYxxx

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I’ll probably just do BF1.

I am down for whatever, prefer Battlefield or Paladins

Wildlands or Overwatch for me

Squad up, BF1.

If you want to do some wild lands hit me up cause nobody is ever playing it and I never get to play much.

Sounds good. I’ve attempted a lobby the last few Monday’s but haven’t had any takers. I love that game.

Yeah, anytime yall want to play Wildlands and see me on or catch me in Discord let me know and I will hop on.

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