Shout out to all the raiders!

Shout out to all of the guys that came and left yesterday as we lumbered through the raid. It was a hilarious time.

To all those on Xbox use the LFG function in the grg group and check there if you’re looking to play with someone.

Fight on guardian.

Raid tip: in the pleasure garden there are two holes the a hole and the b hole. Always go in the a hole unless we need to wipe then use the b hole.


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It was rough getting through the Pleasure Gardens. Good time though.

What’s happening? Pleasure gardens? Wiping A holes and B holes? Is this low budget fetish porn?

I never go for the B hole

The underground is pretty cool. I think someone said it was mapped out now. It is big and easy to get lost. This is where you use the keys you pick up as you go through the raid to unlock chests.

Even better it’s low budget GRG porn

A bunch of old dudes dragging ass on this raid… Coming up on the GRG Twitch Channel.
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I’m not sure I’ve laughed that hard in a while…last night was a riot!

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