Site Useability Update: 3/16


Just wanted to give a brief update and let you in on some things that i am working on for the site.

Logout now syncs between the forums and the Main site. So logging out of one will log you out of the other. I am still working the login side to make it so you do not need to click the login button when you are already logged into the main site. Not a major issue but one of my peeves.

Also two new badges have been added to the forums.

  • Top Poster
  • Top 5% posters.

First members to receive these awards

Top Poster: @LalaCalamari - (Go figure)
Top 5%: @Audible_Silence , @mac79pr

I added this to the badges thread as will to keep a full list.

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Yay, I post when I should be working! #werf

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Posting god

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