Skyforge Coming to Xbox

Game is a free to play MMO that has already been out on PC and PS4. Sounds like it is coming to Xbox on November 10th for early access and full release in late November.

This game looks very confusing. It appears they couldn’t decide what genre to be so they picked all the genres.

Knights, Fantasy, westerns and cowboys, space ships and laser guns. Yes to all!

Free to play = Microtransactions out the ass. I wonder how bad this game beats you up for money?

i was thinking the same on the micro transactions but was curious to see what it was like.

Can’t be as bad as Neverwinter and that was fun for a bit.


Looks interesting. I will be giving it a go.

it does look pretty good. like the abilty to change class at will.

Does not look like he is getting slammed with pay content.

I still worry about a paywall. gear progression and is PVP P2Win. i did not see him gro through the shop and wonder how they make money.

Well, I did another drunk purchase and picked this up. $15 bucks to get in. I fired it up the next day and it doesn’t play well sober.

I finished the tutorial and I think finished playing. It’s just odd. Combat may be fun but the story and voice acting is so cringe worthy that I couldn’t continue. I may not be into solo single player games I do enjoy solo MMO PvE. I actually follow the quest story lines and everything. This was too brutal to continue.

You sucker.
You love MMOs but they just keep disappointing you.

SWTOR, GW2 and ESO didn’t disappoint.

But I was a sucker with this game.