SMITE (PC and Xbox One)

So, the following video was released today on Smite’s YouTube channel:

I liked the part where they said that PC players will be able to transfer their purchases to the XB1 version! BTW, if anyone is interested in playing this on PC add me as mac79pr in game.

thats pretty cool they they are allowing that. Never bought anything in game. just played with the free gods.

The only thing I’ve bought the the unlock to have all the gods (old and whatever they come up with in the future) pack. This game has a good F2P model. All the paid items are just aesthetic stuff like skins and sounds.

So I take it that Smite is good? Excited for it to be released on the One.

I think my kids have the god pack or bought a few. I guess they won’t transfer to my account.

It’s something different. If you like 3rd person actions games with RPG elements, then this might be your thing.

It’ll be free to play, so it’s worth a try. A few GRG guys have played it on the PC and are looking forward to it on the Sexbox1.

PS4 guys who happen to have a room mate with an xbone also are looking forward to playing.

Some little tidbits:

Following on from the most recent trailer for the game, we are now introduced to more details for SMITE. We are focusing mainly on game modes this time, with a couple of bits about characters.

In SMITE you’ll be able to play as one of over 60 different gods available. You’ll have a choice of gods from all sorts of different mythology, such as Thor, Apollo and Kali. Each character will have their own different
play style, with their own moves, and fits into a team in a different way.

There’s several different game modes for you to experience in the game, where you can build your skills in each, but the play style for each will suit different players. The main mode is called Conquest,
which is the typical MOBA style of gaming. You’ll be in teams of five, where each player must be a different god, and face off against each other in ranked matches. Be prepared though, as this is supposedly the toughest and most competitive of the game modes.

For the more casual gamers out there, there’s the Arena mode. Once again you’ll be in a 5v5 scenario, but prepare to meet battle in big open arena instead. You’ll have to win on your own merits, as well as working together in a team, and the rewards you get will be based on this. Next up there’s Joust mode, where you’ll be in a 3v3 team instead. Still a mode for the more casual gamer, your skills will still be tested similarly to the Arena mode.

Finally you’ll be up against Siege mode, where you will be able to spawn creatures to help you in attacking the enemies. Your aim is to cause more destruction to the other team in order the get bigger and better creatures to help you, so you’ll want to be attacking enemies as soon as possible. To partake in all these game modes, there’s a number of different controller setups to help you, as well as a ranking system which means you’ll never be matched against someone much higher or lower than your level.

Remember SMITE will be free to play when it releases later this year for Xbox One, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for its release!