Smoked Pulled Pork

So here goes my first attempt at the final “big 5 meats”. Or however the hell you want to phrase that. The only things left to trial smoke after today will be shit you’d probably never think of (like apple pie. fucking amazing by the way!)

Pork Shoulder Roast


I’m sure it will be great buddy!!

@GrumpyInUt so how did it turn out?!?!?

Still easing my way in…burgers and chicken…but my wife wants me to try pork butt or shoulder soon…

side note BIL says cookies, pie, mac and cheese and lasagna are all worth trying out in the smoker

Pie and Mac & Cheese are both worth it. I smoked some apples before they went into the pie and it totall

How did you prep the apples before you smoked them?

Pork butt is a great place to start. Big fatty piece of meat that’s hard to really fuck up. You can make it better or worse. But it’s going to be edible.

I used about 6 medium sized apples, cored and halfed them and put them on a small tray (like a cooling rack) and smoked them for 40 minutes at 185.

apple wood?

I typically use a fruit wood mixture that is a white label of Pit Boss i believe.