So Bethesda tweeted this...

Many thinking a Fallout 3 or New Vegas remaster is coming.

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Looks like it’s not Obsidian based:

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God. not another remaster.

It’s been 7 years since Skyrim. They should be putting their time in that.

Oh, and I forgot to mention in the post…Bethesda is live streaming now on Twitch.

That just came out on the Switch…

FO3 Remaster?
Or a FO port to Switch?

If they announce pre-E3 I can’t imagine anything more than a remaster/port.

I don’t really care what they have to announce as I will be stoked for whatever it is!

Love one of the comments tho… “Fallout Battle Royale”

I would like to be a Deathclaw please.

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I thought that.
Until Fallout Shelter.

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Fallout Online?

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That would break the internet!

Bethesda announces Fallout 76. Here’s the teaser, more at E3.


I’m a member of the Fallout discord channel and they’ve obviously been camping that stream, so it all starting going off over there when there was activity.

I just missed it happening live (on a call), but re-watched the end of the Twitch stream, which has now ended, to see a brief intro from Todd before the teaser trailer.

Kotaku is hearing that this will be some sort of online game. Bethesda bought developer BattleCry (maker of the 3rd person action game of the same name) and it’s said they’re working with Bethesda on this game.

Fallout Battle Royale?

I’d guess some sort of always-online MMO RPG type swerve from the usual FO model.

I did see some speculation last night of an Overwatch type hero shooter in the Fallout universe as well.

I would rather have a new Fallout game than some copy of Overwatch or a BR game.

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I think with them making this called Fallout 76 and it being directly tied to the tricentennial they would be stupid not to capitalize on the story and lore that is involved here. The core of what is Fallout and what that nostalgia of the game is truly, is story immersion. Adding online capabilities in whatever fashion would just be icing on the cake.

They are also approaching on the 3 year mark since Fallout 4 so they’ve had some time.

Damn it’s been 3 years already? Hopefully this is a traditional FO game. I really only played 4, but loved the shit out of it and honestly may fire it up again seeing this news

I had to check this.
I still don’t really believe it.
3 years??