So what DIDN'T you see at E3?

So the first day is over, it’s huge. lots of news, and new games. What were you looking forward to that wasn’t shown??

remember that Square and Nintendo are still to be shown on Tuesday

for me,

  • just cause (possible Tuesday
  • metal gear solid
  • tony hawk
  • mad max - (possible tuesday
  • Uncharted Collection
  • Vita
  • Exclusive/limited edition consoles
  • price drops
  • anything about kinect
  • New transformers game
  • Adrift
  • Gran Turismo
  • viscerals Star Wars game
  • Criterions new game what was shown last year
  • more “available on xbox live/PSN store right now”

What about Red Dead Redemption 2 ??? I didn’t see or hear anything about it .

Rockstar doesn’t typically do E3. Although rumors said it might show up.

Yeah rockstar plays the beat to their own drum. I knew red dead 3 want going to show up.

If anything, they will just release a trailer on the internet to announce the game. I’m thinking closer to fall we will hear something about a spring release.