Some basic Paladin Champs builds

I’m tossing out a few builds for Paladins Champs. Those playing may want to take a look at building a few of these. I’d like to see others help out with tanking or running heals.

My suggestion is to take 2 champions of different classes and start focusing on playing those. Swapping characters every game won’t help that much as you’ll never learn how to really play a champ. I’m linking a few builds that I’ve seen work very well in game.


Tanking isn’t really that hard or scary and some of the tanks can really do some massive damage. Here’s a few really good tanks / tank builds.



  • Offensive DPS tank This is the build I use. It’s nasty and I can do massive damage while still being able to tank. I’ll get a lot of kills and I can disrupt the opposing team very well.



  • Heal / DPS Jenos is able to do a ton of damage as well as heal very well. He can also levitate enemies for the team to focus fire on.


  • AggroYing Guide claims 100k heals and 100k Damage. worth a try.
  • I tricked you Similar to what I use. I like to spam out 2 clones for healing or to send them out to explode when we need some damage.


I’ll have to look at what I’m currently running. Seris’s attacks are almost like Bomb King’s.


  • Tyra - Watch the World burn That AOE fire grenade is so awesome, keeps the enemies off the point. I almost feel like we need a Tyra every match.

  • Primal Girl - Another build worth looking at.


A new champion that has an LMG that really melts players down.

Like I said, these are some basic builds that seem to work very well. Pick two (different champs) and run those until you learn that champ in and out.

Also, step outside your comfort zone and try a Support or Tanking class. I never play healer in games but I do a lot in Paladins. They’re so important that we should all get gud with that class.

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With the Terminus build lala posted that I use. Its an older one that is not using all the skill points. I bumped up “It waits”, “wrecking ball” and “Monstrosity”.

I will add to the list a Damage build for Victor.

Victor Pro config - this build allows for fast flanking style movement. Run-and-gun with high damage output.

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Yeah super fun build. Hit and run style build.

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