Some DMZ Wiping Explained

Similar to Escape from Tarkov, your DMZ progress will be wiped with the Warzone 2 Season 2 update so here’s a full breakdown of what that means.

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode has borrowed much of what makes Escape from Tarkov so popular while bringing the extraction genre to a more casual Call of Duty audience. Players complete missions and gather loot to help them in future runs, but risk losing everything they’re carrying if they die.

Building 21 is very similar to Tarkov’s labs, but that’s not the only feature Infinity Ward are borrowing. In the same vein as Tarkov’s wipes, the devs have confirmed that Season 2 will reset your DMZ inventory and Faction mission progress, so here’s a breakdown of exactly what that means.

Warzone 2 DMZ wipe explained

DMZ will bring a Tarkov-like wipe on February 15.

When Warzone 2 Season 2 launches on February 15, DMZ players will have all of their Season 1 progress wiped. This means you’ll go back to the very start, having to complete the missions and gather Contraband weapons and keys all over again.

New missions will also arrive with the Season 2 update, taking players to Al Mazrah, Building 21, and the “new Exclusion Zone” which is believed to be the new Resurgence map. These new missions should offer brand-new rewards to earn such as Weapon Blueprints.

Although the devs haven’t announced this yet, it’s been confirmed to both CharlieIntel and ModernWarzone that the Insured Weapon Slot progress will also be reset with the update. However, it’s been said that it’ll be quicker to get your second insured slot this time around.

While many DMZ grinders aren’t happy to see all their progress reset, everyone will be on an even playing field at the start of Season 2, making it a great time to jump in if you haven’t already.