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Adjustments to Akimbo Snake-shots and RPGs in Warzone coming soon

Infinity Ward has confirmed that they are actively working on updates for some OP weapons that players are using across the game, especially in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Studio MP Director Joe Cecot confirmed on Twitter that an adjustment to the infamous Akimbo Snakeshot weapons will be coming in a smaller update in the near future; the adjustment is going through a round of testing internally.

Cecot also confirmed in the same tweet that the next bigger update coming will include adjustments to RPGs, which have become all too common in Warzone now with users using them in all situations to take out teams and vehicles easily.


Excited to get
this update out!

We are working on an adjustment for
akimbo snake-shots in a smaller update. Just needs testing. RPGs are
also getting a tuning pass in the next big update to come later on.

Joe Cecot (@JoeCecot) April
29, 2020

There is no ETA for these updates just yet, so stay tuned.

Players find new Access Card in the Warzone map

Infinity Ward appears to have started to tease some sort of change to Call of Duty: Warzone happening in the near future…

The newest patch update, which went live on April 28, has added in the ability for players to find ‘Red Access Cards’ around the map. Players are able to pick up these cards and hold onto them, but it is not clear yet what you can do with these access cards.

The cards could be some sort of key to enter the locked bunkers that fans have been seeing around the map.

There are some areas of the map, which if you walk up to, says press a button to enter code, but no code works. These access cards could be the first step into finding the full code to access the bunkers.

Since the launch of Warzone on March 10, Infinity Ward and Raven Software have not made any changes to the map itself, but there have been adjustments to other areas – like weapons, vehicles, and more. We may be getting some map changes soon.

Players can now drop a weapon in Call of Duty: Warzone

A new feature that appears to have been added into Call of Duty: Warzone without being mentioned in the patch notes: the ability to drop weapons.

Since Warzone’s launch in March, players were not able to drop a weapon in Warzone if they picked it up. Players could only replace a weapon with another weapon.

Now, with the new update, players can drop a weapon that they picked up and ping it for teammates to get.

A video posted to Reddit shows the ability to drop weapons on PC has been added to the Inventory/Drop menu, allowing players to drop their currently equipped weapon.

This could be especially useful in situations where a teammate comes back from Gulag/bought back and have no weapons, and now can take one from a teammate.

Regular Bounty Contracts removed from Warzone following Most Wanted addition

It appears Infinity Ward has removed the classic Bounty Contract from Call of Duty: Warzone following the newest update and replaced it with the Most Wanted Contract in-game, which has caused many fans to be upset.

The new update, which dropped on April 28, brought in a brand new contract called Most Wanted. This contract makes it that your team becomes the bounty for every other team still in-game. If you survive the bounty time, then the reward is bringing back all of your fallen teammates immediately.

However, by adding this contract, Infinity Ward appears to have also removed the standard Bounty Contract from Warzone completely. Fans can only find the Most Wanted contract in-game.

Streamers have responded to this by asking why Infinity Ward would think removing it would be a good idea. Ninja said the regular contracts are “high risk and reward” and were “well balanced.”

Infinity Ward has not said why they removed the regular Bounties from Warzone or when they plan to bring it back. Standard bounties were a nice way to get money while finding enemy teams on the map.

Circle closing times adjusted in new Warzone update

Raven Software and Infinity Ward mentioned in the new patch notes that there were some adjustments to the circle and gas closing times in Warzone, but did not provide actual numbers of changes.

Now, a user on Reddit has provided an estimated new times for the circle closing. The times are not 100% down to the correct second, but are close.

  • Circle 1 outlined, 3:30 till gas moves in (-1:00). Gas moves to circle 1 in 4:30.
  • Circle 2 outlined, 1:30 till gas moves in. Gas moves to circle 2 in 3:30. (+1:00)
  • Circle 3 outlined, 1:15 till gas moves in. Gas moves to circle 3 in 2:50 (+:50)
  • Circle 4 outlined, 1:00 till gas moves in. Gas moves to circle 4 in 1:50 (+:20)
  • Circle 5 outlined, 1:00 till gas moves in. Gas moves to circle 5 in 1:08 (+:08)
  • Circle 6 outlined, :50 till gas moves in. Gas moves to circle 6 in :50 (+:05)
  • Circle 7 outlined, :30 till gas moves in. Gas moves to circle 7 in :48 (+:03)
  • 1:45 for last circle to close (+:15)

Based on comments on Reddit, it appears that the first circle now moves in a better quicker, but the rest of the circles are slightly slower. The overall balance to gameplay appears to be allowing some players to get out of the gas in longer distances because of the extra few seconds depending on the circle shape.

The gas, per Reddit posts, appears to be move slower over longer distances, so it takes a bit longer to actually close overall during some collapses.

Infinity Ward did not share the actual number changes for the circle changes in the patch notes, so you may want to play for yourself to see how it works with different playstyles.

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