Sony Makes Your Tabletop Interactive With Projector Prototype

Sony recently launched Future Lab, a research and development program focused on using user feedback to improve experimental products. One of Future Lab’s first experiments is with an interactive projector that turns your table top into an interactive surface.

In this video, Sony illustrates how the technology could breathe life into an inanimate book. The demonstration of Future Lab’s interactive projector shows off some of its capabilities, including image recognition, the ability to touch and drag projections across the surface, and highlight sentences from a copy of “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.”

Looks like they are trying to have something similar to Hololens. I use similar very, very loosely.

This is similar if not the same to Perch Interactive that I have seen used in the retail/exhibit industry. I still haven’t dealt with a client willing to spend the money needed to let me use it in any of their designs.

From what I saw of HoloLens, I already wanted it. Probably because of the demo with Minecraft…

I’m not interested in this. It looks more gimmicky than an actual evolution of technology (so far).