Spoiler Button and Staff Badges

So I have added two things that have been requested for enhancements to the forums.

Spoiler Button

First off adding a spoiler button to the toolbar. A new button shows a little icon (in red) which will input
the spoiler tags into the post. Shown in Yellow.

Staff Badges

Mods and Team Leaders now have badges against their avatars to indicate that they are staff. So if you have questions on an event or just feel like reaching out.

For example the shield ( ) against my avatar on this post indicating I am a mod. Team Leads have the little person. ( )


this is awesome

should mention staff badges do not show on mobile due to size.

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Can I place a large X over them after they have been fired?

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Nope , you will have to use White-out on your PC screen ( they always come back later )