[Spoilers] King's Fall - Hard Mode Changes

@ZombieSwepper posted these in chat, but I figured I’d post this here for those not into socializing with the cool kids. These are the noticable changes to the raid for King’s Fall, Hard Mode. They may not be all of them, so if you find more of read about others, please post them here:

Update: The Changes.

  • First noticeable change is that there’s no checkpoint platform in Hive Tombship jumping section, meaning you have to beat it all in one go.

  • No revives in darkness zones. Dead is dead. No surprise there.

  • Hard mode 310+ gear drops from the first loot chest. Not guaranteed to be over 310, however.

  • The Warpriest now gets stronger in time. He now has the Taken Hobgoblin retaliatory blast. He gains extra attacks (depending on which plate was activated last and/or consumed by Oculus): 3x tracking bolts similar to Taken Hobgoblins if mid, Taken Captain blinding attack if right, Centurion axion darts if left. Blessing of Light bubble seems good for the encounter. Even with better attack, he was still taken down in two cycles. Good 310+ loot from chest on stream I’m watching.

  • New debuff in the Golgoroth encounter called “Unstable Light” which makes you explode. Standing in the buff pool gives Unstable Light debuff to 2 random players - damages nearby players when timer hits 0. I believe it kills your teammates if you’re near them in a pool when it goes off.

  • Additionally, seems to be 2 times more Cursed Thralls than Normal mode.

  • Daughters’ timer starts immediately for the second run. Platforms may be further away.

  • Oryx has extra Knights spawning to protect bombs Extra knights spawn near platforms in opposite order from ogres (last ogre = 1st knight) and try to detonate bombs early (1 per bomb). Also harder platforms to reach.

All for now. Again, if you read or see more, post below.