Star Citizen...takes a bank loan?

Wham Bam Thank you Ma’am…So not sure how many Reapers have followed, interested, or even forgotten about kickstarter crowd funded game, Star Citizen.

So apparently Cloud Imperium Games, publisher/developer of Star Citizen, took out a bank loan from a major UK bank. Also up in the mix; the assets put up for the collateral…Squadron 42. Now Squadron 42 is a single-player story based campaign set in the Star Citizen Universe.

How does that differ? Arent they one in the same…Well, no. Squadron 42 is considered to be the successor to Wing Commander. While Star Citizen is the fan crazed MMO. While two games in which can be played completely separate from each other…The progress of a players actions in Squadron 42 can effect their status in Star Citizen’s persistent Universe.

So for more info from some UK gents themselves, check out this YouTube video by 'PrettyGoodGaming’

From what I have read the bank loan gives them tax rebates up front and the bank receives the rebates as payment back. Whether that is true or not I do not know. I own the game and look forward to it. They are always posting progress on twitter. I don’t expect to see a finish project anytime soon but I am not 100% that this means they are in trouble.

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