Star Wars Battlefront - streamed live 4/16

Yeah, that’s right…TODAY!!! So sayeth Ryan Wyatt, the head of gaming at Youtube!

Star Wars Battlefront will be streamed on April 16th here on @YouTube - here's the right link

— Ryan Wyatt (@Fwiz) April 16, 2015

EDIT: Here’s the video feed from youtube. Watch at 10 Pacific to see the Star Wars Ep 7 panel at the very least.

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Nice. will have to check it out. Hopefully its not BF4 with Stars wars skins. Although that might be ok.

Quick note: I’m looking into a couple of things regarding the date in this tweet. Everything I’ve seen before mentioned that Battlefront would be featured tomorrow (the 17th), and the movie is featured today. I’ll update if I see anything else.

Taller today game tomorrow?

thought the stream was live already. they are just doing a test

It looks like they’re testing the live feed right now, but I think it’s from the panel for the new movie.

Edited the OP to add the live stream to view at 10 PST for the Ep 7 panel.

Star Wars: Battlefront might be launching November 17.

NeoGAF user salromano spotted that the source code for the Star Wars: Battlefront website lists November 17 as the release date for the DICE-developed game. The hidden text says: “The latest news and updates for Star Wars Battlefront. Available November 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.”

There was an image on NeoGAF yesterday that shows Gamestop’s system has an entry for 11/17 for XBox and PS4 that are listed as TBA.

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HAHA stupid gamestop.

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Where’s the gameplay footage though?

I was hoping for gameplay footage not gameplay trailer.

No Campaign Mode for Star Wars: Battlefront

DICE’s upcoming first-person shooter Star Wars: Battlefront will not have a traditional campaign mode similar to the ones found in the developer’s previous Battlefield games. Instead, Battlefront will include smaller, shorter missions that can be played solo or in split-screen co-op with a friend offline or online.

“The game is first and foremost a multiplayer game,” producer Patrick Bach told IGN. “[The original Battlefront] was a multiplayer game. That’s the game we wanted to create–to recreate the battles of the Original Trilogy.”

In our own new preview of Battlefront, editor Chris Watters explains that DICE was not forthcoming with details about how these co-op missions would work. Developers said only that these missions will take place within the settings of the multiplayer maps. That would mean places like Hoth and Endor, among others.

Additional details about Battlefront’s co-op mode will be announced at E3 in June.

For more on Battlefront, which launches November 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, check out GameSpot’s full roundup of details. We’re expecting a new trailer for the game later today, too, so check back soon to see that video.