Star Wars Battlefront: The Hype begins soon according to EA

[According to Gamespot, expect to hear more on Battlefront soon.][1]

Interesting quote regarding the release date:

Jorgensen confirmed that the shooter is due to launch before Christmas 2015. More specifically, the game aims to be “aligned with” Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens, which arrives on December 18, he said.

If this launch is smooth, I’ll forgive EA for the BF4 debacle. If not, even @anon36214017 and @anon3687162 have never heard an Anti-EA rant like I will deliver.


I see it going bad, but at the same time I expect the game to be fun and worth a purchase. BF4 may have had it’s issues but it is still in the top 2 for shooters and was still fun no matter how broken it was.

Destiny wasn’t broken in the bug since but was boring IMO. I actually think I would rather have a fun sightly broken game over a boring (very little variety) polished game any day. That outlook could come from my many many hours of playing fun broken games on early access though.

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I hate being a pessimist but have little faith in the launch being smooth.

Well, it is an EA game after all.

knew they were aiming for 2015.

this better not be some BS lip service, still skeptical about this being battlefield skinned with lasers…

“We’ve been showing the game to some close partners and one of the
things we hear is that it doesn’t feel like other shooters and that it’s
fully born from Star Wars. That really strikes a chord with me and the
team as that is exactly the emotion and feeling we are going for and we
can’t wait to show the world more this spring.”

I can’t wait for this title. We loved the last one and still play it from time to time. I’m all aboard this hype train.


I wonder how saber users will be balanced against laser shooters?