Star Wars: The Old Repulbic - Knights of the Eternal Throne Trailer

The Star Wars MMO trailers are some of the best content Star Wars offered in a long time. The movies need to pay attention to this and maybe steal some ideas.


This game really has the best stories in any MMO I have played. GW2 was close, but c’mon this is Star Wars. They integrate it so well into the game. It’s really the thing that brings me back.

Am I going back this time? Dont think so. You don’t have to pay for the expansions, but you need a sub to play it.

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I wish this was on console, any chance of it happening?

I doubt it will. Ability wise it works on a controller. @grex had it working.

Must not watch.

Yeah would be nice but I doubt it also.

That was badass!

This may or may not be downloading on my computer right now.

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LOL. Trailer is good enough to make you want to.

Hell, you’ll have a good time if you just level a character up and do the main quests. SWToR had a great storyline.

one of the best and long. You end up wanting to do all the back sotries cause if you do a later sotry mssion it throughs up the possible spolier alert.