Steam - Free Weekend Game - Battlerite

Steam’s newest free play game is for PC users only, and it’s Battlerite. You can not only play the game for free, should you like it you will be able to pick it up at a decently reduced price.

The play-for-free offer will expire on sunday afternoon, but the discount will go on a bit longer for those who need time to think on the purchase. The game itself will only cost $13.39, and will stay at that price until Monday. You can check it out right here for more info.

Battlerite is a PvP team brawler that is still in Early access on Steam. The game concentrates on 3v3 and 2v2 battles, both in multiplayer and single player mode – each match lasting about 10-15 minutes. Battlerite is a top down fighting game, wherein which players perform “battlerites” which not only boost their strength but also their individual characters powers. Which, much like Overwatch, will counter specific opponents powers and abilities. Another nifty thing about the game is a bullet time mode that is reminiscent of Max Payne, during which you can duck and dodge deadly attacks in slow motion.

Battlerite will be coming to Xbox One in 2018.