Steep Begins "Made in the Alps" Video Series

With Steep’s imminent release next week, we’ve been covering a lot of news recently. At its core, it’s a winter sports game set in the Alps where you do what you want. If you want to know how the game is coming along and what you can expect, you can check out Rich’s hands-on preview from earlier this month. In the meantime, Ubisoft is releasing videos each day to cover the highlights of the game in a new series titled Made in the Alps.

The first video shows the world. We hear from the developers, whose office sits at the base of the French Alps, about how they created the game’s world. They drew inspiration from right outside but then exaggerated it to make sure each area of the mountain range was fun, exciting and memorable. Ideally, one section of the mountain
should be totally different from another.

In episode 2, which sadly features a lot of the same footage as the first, we get a different story. This time we’re learning about the tricks and how the developers want to make sure the freestyle really is free. You can do any trick you want and it should feel intuitive for beginners and still have depth for masters. To make sure the animation was realistic, the developers did a mo-cap session with many famous French winter freestylers to learn how and why they move the way they do.

We can probably expect more videos in the coming days. Steep launches on December 1st