Steep Winterfest Add-On Brings Back Childhood Snow Sledding

New DLC is making its way to Ubisoft’s sports title Steep in the form of the “Winterfest” DLC pack, which will include sleds, challenges, outfits, and more when it releases next month. If you’re still having fun careening down the never-ending slopes that Steep has to offer, then you’re certainly going to enjoy the childhood thrill of speeding downhill on a sled! Of course, I’m sure many adults have probably joined in on the fun and had more fun than the kids.

The DLC will also come with new challenges, outfits and bosses. 21 new Winterfest challenges await you as you can see just how skilled you really are against “larger-than-life” foes. Look the part with 10 new costumes to choose from and make your character stand out when flying, gliding and speeding down the slopes. Take a quick look at the new content in the following trailer:

The “Winterfest” DLC pack will be available to download in Steep on May 3rd at no extra cost for Season Pass and Gold Edition owners. It can also be purchased separately for US$11.99 or your regional equivalent.

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