Stranger Things Mega Thread (Spoilers)

Can’t believe we didn’t have a thread on this show. New season is released this Friday the 27th. Get all your Stranger Things talk here.

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Can. Not. Wait.

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Early write ups I have seen on season 2 are very positive.

Looking forward to this as well. First season was spot on and have high hopes for this next season!

I can wait. First series was a nice throwback to the 80s but nothing special. Crazy Winona Rryder grew really old really quick.

Shocking a show most people absolutely love you say was nothing special.

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Mr. Anti-Nostalgia should see right through it as well.

And seriously, Winona Ryder was so fucking annoying. It was almost unbearable to see her on screen.

She’s the only thing I didn’t like about the series.

At least she didn’t have to act at being bat shit crazy.

Not a bad first episode, not great either. Understandably setting the table for a lot to happen, introducing new characters, etc. but overall ‘meh’. Will certainly look forward to the showdown between Eleven and the new ‘evil’ psychic that was introduced.

I’m sure you all can guess what I thought of Season 2.

It actually wasn’t bad until the “sister” episode. They totally lost me there. Just filler and set up for S3. That whole story line was just stupid. Where did Eleven get cash for a bus to the city? Why was that gang so fucking annoying. Who would murder people for that chick (the “sister”)? That’s a pretty big ask.

And fucking Winona Ryder is just annoying as all hell. She should go back to shoplifting.

If they do go with Season 3 (which I’m sure they will) they may be better off creating a new story in a new location (which I doubt they will).

I wrapped up the series last night. I loved it. You guys are jaded bastards! I dug the grittiness of the scene and I loved the exorcism of Will. Thought he did a really good job there.