Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Gameplay

A few months ago, Capcom announced the upcoming Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. Fans of the series have a lot to look forward to as they go back in time to replay Street Fighter classics. Just in case you missed the reveal, the image below shows every single one of the 12 games that will be included in the collection.

A few days ago, Capcom released a 30-minute gameplay video for the collection. The video shows off some of the features included in the collection while some of the history of the Street Fighter series is being discussed. You can see all of it for yourself below.

You can revisit some fan favourites in the illustrious fighting game franchise when Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection launches in May 2018.

I am sure @Lala_Calamari is hoping someone can give us a 30 minute recap of this on the podcast sometime…

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so I was going to buy the new

and give you guys what i thought, I loved this game when I was a kid.

…then i read
Available now on PS4 and Windows PC


so maybe i’ll buy it after I get my playstation

cuz it don’t look like its coming to xbox anytime soon

Skip Street Fighter V.

I grew up playing Street Fighter and own them all up to Ultra IV. But damn V is trash. Just no fun to play compared to even the old arcade games. It just looks pretty.

Save yourself some cash and just get the SF anniversary collection when it drops.

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Capcom is celebrating the Street Fighter series’ 30th year of existence with the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. Following the collection’s December announcement and yesterday’s gameplay preview, the official release date and pre-order bonuses have been announced.

Pre-ordering Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for Xbox One, whether at retail or digitally, gives players a code for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition on Xbox 360 along with its “Ultra Street Fighter IV” DLC. At full price, that’s a US$29.99 / £19.99 / €29,99 value plus an additional US$14.99 / £11.99 / €14,99 for the DLC. Of course, Xbox One players can enjoy Super Street Fighter IV and its DLC on Xbox One thanks to backward compatibility.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection retails for US$39.99 / £34.99 / €39,99 and will release on May 29th.

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ok now we are talking…I will get that!!