Suggestion on how to make clan night work better with BLOPS 3

This is just an idea on how to maybe make our clan night work better on BLOPS 3 ( at least until they get the game working better )

  1. Have 3 or more members hosting a lobby on clan night
  2. Have a sign-up for each lobby ( first come , first served 18 members in each lobby )
  3. Members have to stay in their assigned lobby until latter in the night when lobbies get smaller
  4. We need to figure out a way to include the new members in the assigned lobbies

This is just a suggestion until the party system is fixed in BLOPS 3 . The getting kicked from the lobby by so many people and having to try and rejoin again with anyone who has an opening spot in their lobby is just causing a flood of confusion and maybe some discontent . We have so many people in the clan these days trying to join on any lobby that is open is causing others to maybe get kicked or separated when a match ends . This is just a suggestion and if anyone has any better ideas please feel free to make them .


The lobby host sign-up list should be put in the forum at least three days before clan night and pined to the forum each week .

That’s a pipe dream Hawk. We had 5 people RSVP on the event and 13 respond to the event forum post. Those 13 are xb1 and ps4.

I’d love to know ahead of time how many plan on playing to make sure we have enough room leaders. It’d make my job easier. But no one is taking the time to let us know.

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some of those peaople playing prolly dont use the forums either

Agreed @Audible_Silence , using the forums would be a huge help in this area.

So, until the shot is fixed we do what we used to do. Once we have 6 one leader leaves and starts the next room, and so on. We could just post in the forum who to look out for.

Yup. What beers said is the easiest. Can’t rely in people rsvping on the site. If a staff sees the room getting full they should start a new.

I can’t imagine this fail of a party system continues for much longer.