Sunday Driving - Forza Horizons 3 2/19

Join GRG for a night of Sunday Driving in Horizon 3! We’ll run a few different types of races.

We’re looking to set up some classes / style races. Pick a few style of races and car types ahead of time so people can bring their rides.

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Modern Rally
Australian cars only (Holden, etc…)
Classic Rally
Barn Find Dune Buggy
Barn Find 3 Wheeler

That BMW wheelie

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Just downloaded the game so I will be there. Anything in particular I should do in the game before Sunday to get ready?

Yes give the controller to someone with talent.


Play the game? That helps. You won’t need to buy a car if we do specific races. You can just borrow the party leads car.

Familiarity with the overall map, different camera angles, controls and using the mini map - those are the biggest things for me being new to the game and the franchise.

Just get out there and drive around.

I may be late again because of TWD. unless I can convince the kids to watch it at 11…the boy has a long weekend.

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Have we decided on classes and car types? I want to get my cars setup. I suggest Asian Sports Cars at B class and BMWs at S1 class just to make Lala happy. Also could we throw in a couple street races to add some traffic and make things a little more exciting?

Sniper I suggest doing some online adventure. You’ll level up and earn credits fast. Buy cheaper cars, you can always upgrade them later. Also download Forza Hub, you get free credits every 2 weeks I believe just open it and select claim rewards. Oh, and choose the skill perks right away to level up faster.

Just what I need more targets!!

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Ok, thanks for the tips. Wasn’t sure which perk to start out with.

If you manage to get any Horizon Edition vehicles use to level up and earn credits faster or auction them. I’ve seen some of them going for millions in the auction house. Consider buying the treasure map for $3. You can get a ton of extra xp from boards. Noticed you hadn’t joined the GRG club yet. You’ll want to do that right away. Each time the club levels up you get credits.

@Sniper_T1 if you want I’m gonna be on Forza tomorrow night for a bit, we can do some co-op and I can help you out a bit.

I will see if I can figure out how to join the club tonight.

I should be on tonight after 9.

It’s Friday movie night with the boy, so I’ll be on around 9, right after Desolation of Smaug.

That should work.