Sunday Morning Coffee Gaming 10DEC2017

Sup SUp Reapers who gaming what this morning?

Lets grab our coffee , controllers, keyboard…and get something going this morning?

-Farming Simulator

something…if you got something else you wanna get a co-op or group on…POST UP…let get it going!

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It’s nearly my evening here!
Spent this afternoon completing the CoO storyline and dipping into the adventures on my first character.
Still have my alts to run that through but wanted to get one char through to the end-game again.

Might be back on D2 later tonight (just about to head out for a few hours), or Warframe.


Curse of Osiris (Destiny 2 DLC)

Um… It’s Oohrah for Marines!


Its the “New” Marines now Gunny lol, no more “Tree-line” counselings