Sunday Night Driving Forza Horizons 3 1/22

Looking for some GRG to run some Forza Horizons 3 races. We’ll go online and terrorize them with Beer’s shitty truck builds. It’ll be fun, I promise.

We’re looking to set up some classes / style races. Pick a few style of races and car types ahead of time so people can bring their rides.

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Anyone know if there is a list of all the car classes? I can’t seem to find one.

I couldn’t find a car list with classes. Just a complete car list.

You would have to go in game to get the classes.

That sucks. Seems like an extra field on that spreadsheet would solve that. Hopefully we can pick a few races ahead of time.

I only just got the game but I think since it is set in Australia we should do some kind of V8 super car challenge. You know like Ford Falcons and Holdens, Volvo, an Mercs. or an all Ute race or something like that.


I’m thinking we shoot for the following, should cover all bases. Need help picking out the classes (d, c,b, a, s1 etc).

Street Cars (A series or S1)
Exotic Cars - Lambos, Ferraris and shit like that
Rally Cars - I love rally cars, lets get a race going Subarus, Audis and what not
Trucks - Let’s get a truck race going. (what class?)
Old cars - Muscle or what not. In fact I have a 1971 Skyline 2000GT-R that I’m dying to race. Thing is a blast to drive
Buggies - Not sure on a class as I haven’t really driven any.

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what about the supercars?

You just want ROCKET SHIPS! I’m thinking slower cars since we all suck at racing. Might be easier to keep on the track.

And pick a car class, I’ll buy a supercar.

we just need to know ahead of time so we can either purchase or make changes to existing classed cars.

Start With D class on everything…work up a class each sunday.

D Class? Way too slow. We need some wrecks!

I think c class or b is plenty fast for starts. If you have enough cars on the track you will get wrecks no matter how fast the cars. How many laps are you proposing? I would suggest more than 3 as anyone who wrecks will be automatically out of the race.

That’s cool. Pick a style of car and we can run a race.


I like buggies or trucks or both.

  • Street Cars
    • Class A
  • Exotic Cars - Lambos, Ferraris and shit like that
    • Class S1
  • Rally Cars
    • Class A
  • Trucks
  • Class B
  • Old cars - 1986 and older. 30 years or older.
    • Class A
  • Buggies
    • Class A

      Forza Horizon 3 Class Ranges

      • D - 100 - 500
      • C - 501 - 600
      • B - 601 - 700
      • A - 701 - 800
      • S1 - 801 - 900
      • S2 - 901 - 998
      • X - 999

@ForzaPlayers Styles and Classes listed above

Changed Buggie to Class A after seeing the 5 differ buggies come in A-C

Sounds good