Sunday Night Driving - Forza Horizons 3

Join GRG for a night of Sunday Driving in Horizon 3! We’ll run a few different types of races.

We’re looking to set up some classes / style races. Pick a few style of races and car types ahead of time so people can bring their rides.

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Looks like we have some interest in running some races Sunday. @mnvikesfan said he’d kick off the room. I’m not sure what we’re planning to race or if we’re just “Doing it Live!”.


Damn word counting POS all I want to say is FUCK IT

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Forza will allow you to Rent (borrow, doesn’t cost) the race owners car. So you’ll be able to compete at least at the same level.

Plus you rank up quickly during this match ups. Even more for the Online Adventures.

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Like I said earlier, I’ll be on, just gotta get home from easter dinner first.

Fucking. Didn’t fetch out fromore dinner until late. I’ll see if you guys are onot when I get on in a few

This didn’t happen as no one was really on other than Sniper or Vikes. I’m no sure if we had peopel planning to hop on once a room got started. We really need people to sign up in the forum thread if they are interested. Forza racing needs about 6 to make fun for private races. No one was playing to get the room that size and we’re not mind readers. It makes running rooms very difficult.

Yeah, got stuck a little later then I planned at dinner, then the 90 minute drive home turned into a 125 minute drive.

Same here, my family dinner ran long. But I am looking forward a Sunday revival of FH3 now that the Porsche pack is out.