GRG Crucible night happens at 9:15 Sunday nights. Ill be hosting a room and will be throwing out invites! Anyone running a Grim Reapers Gamers clan tag has priority in my room! last i checked @Grex had control over getting people in. I’m sure he can log in and hook folks up.


I’m up for some Crucible. Count me in!

I created a link for this Sunday on the Calendar. Let me know if you want me to make this recurring.

You can now add people to the clan on the Destiny page as well.

I will be there.

Once I get out of work, I’ll be down.

Almost have a full team!

Im up for that.

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Count me in.

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If need be, I’ll set up a second lobby. Rather get everyone in a game.

I’ll get shot a time or 2, fuck it

I’m in. I should be on already doing Strikes and trying to get gear.