Sup, nerds?

Over the years my Xbox gang has fallen by the wayside, so I was excited to come across this place on Reddit. Last winter I realized that unless I can maintain a cocaine IV, I’m too old to hang with the kids in COD. I’m looking forward to Battlefield and some good old teamwork. If I can’t out twitch them, I can out smart them. I’d love hooking up on ththe beta. I play tons of FIFA and I’d like to get a squad going in NBA 2K17, so hit me up! I play an online Madden Franchise with a few friends but only do it because…tradition. In general, I don’t enjoy the game anymore.
My gamer tag is my name (tomNIELSEN), I guess I’m not big on anonymity, and I’m always thinking I should change it to something clever. See you online!


GT beers and leafs

Welcome to the asylum! FR Sent!

Welcome to the Timmy Free zone!

Welcome bud.

I knew a guy that had a complete online persona, with an alternate name and everything - which he used for everything online.
Even had two PCs - one was just used for internet access and the other for everything else.

We used one of those online search tools once to find out how much information there was on his actual identity.
Turns out, more than he thought…

Welcome to GRG

TexasReaperCrew on XB1


Welcome. Going to be running a bf1 party tonight if you get on.


Welcome to GRG.

I added you to my Friend’s List.

XBox GT - Lala Calamari

Welcome aboard.

Welcome, GT Sniper T1 on the X1.

Welcome to GRG.
The Body Farmer on the X1.

Ha! He called you all nerds!

He must know you guys

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Welcome to the community! DuvalFunk on xbone!