super Bowl squares 2019

I usually have one of these every year, and in thought I would extend the invitation to you degenerates…

recently set up an online NFL Squares Pool at RunYourPool named ‘Super Bowl LIII Squares’. If you are interested in joining the pool, please go to the following link and fill out the form:

Prizes will be as follows:

1st quarter - 20% ($200)

Halftime - 20% ($200)

3rd quarter - 20% ($200)

End Game - 40% ($400)

With a cost of $10 per square.

If there’s enough interest there will be two square pools.

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Is there a 55 yard line square?


Degenerates? I’m in it to win it…

You can pick your squares and then e-transfer or PayPal me the cash to

Squares are available to pick now


Does The Great White North have Zelle or Venmo?

What the hell are those? All I know is you can got to Paypal and send money or you can use your bank ( at least here we can) and do an internet electronic transfer of funds. either way it can be done to
Just let me know that you sent it, so I know to look for it.

Paypal is fine…

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$10 American or $10 Canadian rubies (or whatever you heathens use up there)?

Canuck Bucks…see, even less for you to pay. I think it’s like 7.50 US

So we win money we can’t even use?

Haha, it just means more to us, it’s still money.

I got your cash BTW.

Halfway there, c’mon, who doesn’t want extra cash?