Supergirl Series Photos

SUPERGIRL: First Photos of Melissa Benoist in Costume

The skirt looks meh. It would have been cool if it looked more like what she currently wears:

I like the call back to the 80s/90s era outfit with the skirt. I also like that they went to the traditional House of El insignia instead of what they have in the comics right now. That insignia looks like the stupid one that Burton wanted for his failed (thank god!) project, where it could turn into a series of knives.

Overall, the suits that WB is using for their TV series’ are a little darker, but they really hit the design overall well.

I like the boots on the series outfit, the skirt looks a bit weird to me though.

It’s pretty much a modernized version of Helen Slater’s outfit from the Supergirl film of the 80s, only the new Supergirl has tights under her skirt instead of the bare legs Slater had.

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Supergirl looks fugly but I do need to get the wife to cosplay her.

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Moar camel toe!!!

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