Survive the wilderness in Open Country, launching June 3rd on Xbox

Open Country launches for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility on June 3rd. The survival game will put your bushcraft skills to the test as you attempt to stay alive in its unforgiving wilderness.

Open Country takes players to three massive maps, ranging from meadows to mountains — Mellow Hills, Tumnus Valley, and Snowridge will pit players against the elements as each map represents a different season, and in turn, changes the weather and animals that will be found there. Setting up your camp properly and equipping the correct gear will make all the difference when attempting to survive these biomes. Depending on your location, you’ll be able to access the ATV or snowmobile, allowing you to cover great distances quickly to reach hunting spots, or to take part in time trial activities if that’s what you fancy. The vehicles create a lot of noise, so taking them too close to your hunting spots probably wouldn’t be the greatest idea.

Survival in Open Country hangs on your ability to track, hunt, and fish for your meals each day. Look around for tracks that might lead you to big game in hopes of getting a shot on something special. Be careful, though, as the lightest upwind scent or noise could spook your target and leave you hungry. Along with big game, you’ll also find rabbits, birds, and other smaller animals to fill your stomach and that of your dog. Yes, you get a furry friend to help you on your journey, and even follow commands to collect small game or help you track other creatures. If all of the tracking is making you feel tired already then don’t worry — you’ll also be able to sit back and relax on the shore of a lake and fish for your dinner.

Open Country launches on June 3rd for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility. You’ll be able to experience the game in a full single-player experience or take to the wilderness in co-op to complete a big game hunt. There will also be a versus mode available, pitting two players against each other in a race to bag the trophy.

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