Tags - Did you notice?

So, about a week ago I added a plugin for tags into the forums. If you notice at the bottom of the composer, (where you write your replies or create your topics) you will see a new field for Tags. Members can choose from a list of tags that they can apply to a post. Staff members can add to this just by typing in new tags and hitting enter.


What this allows is to not have to make a category for every game for example. Simply select the tag on the post. You can then select posts by tag from the drop down at the top of the page next to the category drop-down. You can also search on tags as well.


You can also see a full list of tags by going to http://forums.grimreapergamers.com/tags.

Note: The number beside the tag is how many times it has been used.


Cool. My observant self did not notice.