Team Sandy Vag - Best Iron Potato Team EVAR!

Team 2, we need to get together and practice our Teabag skills so we look good against the rest of the GRG scrubs.

@beers_and_leafs @Chevahh2clevahh @APMech12 and @Zigography Are you guys available tonight and tomorrow? Let’s get some games is so we can kick some ass and ruin Destiny noobs nights.

I can do tonight or tomorrow, but not both.

Tonight is iffy. I’m back to work tomorrow night so that’s not going to work.

I know @Chevahh2clevahh and I are available tonight. I’m home alone until tomorrow, so we can definitely tear shit up!

With that type of commitment I’m going to ship you off to a lesser team. Only Pros allowed on Team 2!

Lol. I’ll see what I can do about tonight. The future wifey is veeerry grumpy at the moment

I’ll be on at some point. Hopefully by 9 bst.

I will be on after movie night with the boy. Should be about 9 or 930.

@beers_and_leafs @Chevahh2clevahh @APMech12 and @Zigography

Let’s gather up tonight and make all the Destiny fanbois cry. I’ll be on around 9:00 Embiid Standard Time.

Gotta pick up my daughter from work at 9…i can be on for 9:30

Im in!

Can’t tonight I’m working. Won’t be available until wed.

Count me in

Looks like I’ll have to order an extra large backpack.

Hell ya you do. Btw I won’t even be playing. I’m just going to drink beer and let the youngest pup chew on the controller. I bet she gets 2.0 k/d.

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@APMech12 @Zigography @beers_and_leafs

You all pulled double shifts for the next month at Gunny’s Glory hole. Start stretching those jaw muscles, it’s dollar dog night tonight!

I’ll let @Chevahh2clevahh slide as he’s new and may not get my humor.

Fuck that, he’s new so he gets the first and last shift. Keep those lips glossed @Chevahh2clevahh I like a smooth touch on my rod, not some chapped up mess.


You’re a monster.

A dud likes what a dude likes

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Holy Crap lol. Idn what i did but i definitely don’t use Chapstick lmfao.