Telltale's Next Series Confirmed To Be Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Never satisfied with finishing an ongoing series before announcing another one, Telltale Games struck again during The Game Awards. Confirming what many already assumed, Telltale announced that their next episodic adventure series will focus on Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s misfit hero franchise.

Players will take on multiple roles within the ragtag group of heroes and control the direction of their travel across the universe. The series will follow the standard Telltale five-episode format, with the first episode premiering digitally in 2017 on “consoles, PC, and mobile devices.” Following the standard procedure as of late, the series will also come to retail on a physical season pass disc


Their format could work quite well for this - comedy through script and interactions between characters with short bursts of action.
Sci-fi nature gives them scope to keep it interesting as well.


I’m hopeful, but I’m kind of disappointed with the batman telltale series so far. Same with Game of Thrones. It could be the fanboy in me, but I did think borderlands was on point.

I loved TWD, definitely the best imo.

Borderlands was pretty good, weirdly, since it had no real plot to base off and had to create everything - did really well though. Still lost interest a little toward the end.

Game of Thrones, I thought it would work well but I actually lost interest even more quickly. Perhaps I just had begun to tire of the style by then, since it was the third that I played.
It clearly had a lot of freedom to write stories in an established world, maybe my opinion doesn’t reflect the wider audience here.

By this point I decided to avoid anything that was too heavy action-wise, since I thought that might be the limiting factor.
Part of the reason I thought TWD worked so well was that heavy dialogue and light suspense mixed with brief action flurries lent itself perfectly to the genre / style of the TV show (don’t know about the comics).

Perhaps I just burnt myself out.
I’ll wait for reviews, maybe try to watch someone else (although spoiling the story basically defeats the purpose imo).

I just played the first episode of the Batman Telltale series (free demo) and I quite enjoyed it.
Thought it worked well with their gameplay style and storytelling - not to mention the moral decisions to make that typically plague Batman / Bruce Wayne.

I need to finish Batman. Never finished TWD ones. So many games unfished. Sad state of affairs. What happen to the days when we didn’t see 1-3 new releases a week! Hahaa.

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