Telltale's Summer Update Reveals New Seasons For Three Titles

Fans of Telltale should definitely be happy today as the developer revealed new installments in three of their series as part of their summer update. Fan favourite The Wolf Among Us — based on the Fables series of comics — will be getting a long-awaited second season as will Batman — this one titled Batman: The Enemy Within. Not only that but Telltale have announced that the fourth season of The Walking Dead will be its last.

Batman: The Enemy Within, the nearest of the three on the horizon, is the one we know the most about. A five-part series, the first episode is titled “The Enigma” and — as Bat-fans will have guessed by that name alone — will have both Bruce Wayne and Batman dealing with the actions of The Riddler. Telltale have also announced that choices made in BATMAN – The Telltale Series will carry over to this second season and that their “Crowd Play” feature will be returning. Finally, there’s also a set of screenshots to tide fans over until the first episode’s August release.

All three announcements can be seen in Telltale’s summer update video that features both cast and crew for all three titles discussing the games. A warning however that they also feature footage from the previous games, so those that may not have gotten round to some of them may want to be wary of watching for fear of being spoiled.

The first episode of Batman: The Enemy Within will launch digitally on August 8th, with a season pass disc for the full game then coming in October. Both the second season of The Wolf Among Us and final season of The Walking Dead are scheduled for 2018.

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Im not a huge Telltale fan, but I grabbed The Wolf Among Us when it was on with Gold. I couldn’t put that game down. Phenomenal story and great gameplay. I think I’ll throw down some money on the second when it releases. I should do a replay of this with different choices.

About damn time the Wolf Among Us comes back.

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