Tengaman (Masturbation Warrior)

LMAO leave it to the Japanese…

No, it’s not a national holiday by any stretch. But yes, the day does have an official super hero. Good to know!

Japanese company Tenga, which makes a line of masturbation toys by the same name, is dubbing July 21 as “Hand Job Day.” The reason is that “masturbation” in Japanese is “onanii” (オナニー), which is a pun on 07.21 (“o” for “zero”; “na” for “seven” or “nana” in Japanese; “ni” means “two” in Japanese; and here, they’re making a pun on the long vowel mark “ー” by saying it refers to “一” or “ichi,” which means “one.”) So, “Jerk Off Day” is probably more accurate.

The company has created a Power Rangers or Kamen Rider style “Masturbation Hero” called Tengaman.
The logo reads “Tengaman” (テンガマン) in Japanese, and above that, it reads, “Jii Senshi” (自慰戦士) or “Masturbation Warrior.”

This seems rather unusual, no? It is! However, seeing how all sorts of Japanese companies have created faux holidays to promote their products, stunts like this are not unheard of. Previously, Kotaku introduced Pocky Day, Sushi Day, and Condom Day.

The above footage is a trailer for the Tengaman clip that the character’s official site will apparently reveal tomorrow.

Left a week too soon…