TESO Beta (XB1 & PS4) starts tomorrow

Anyone get in on this? No beta invite for me. :cry:

Received invite. I’m sure others will too soon. Hope to group up.

Checked my email and I got a email 7 days ago asking what console I want to play on. Hopefully I will still get in even though I just answered.

I also just found out you have to buy the digital version by May 9th if you want to transfer to console and get the game for $20.

So you pay full price for the pc version and then 20 more for a transfer?

Yea $20 for Transfer and the digital copy on the console. One you transfer is complete you can play on both console and PC but they are stand alone accounts. Looks like everything transfers except crowns.

I need to look at the pre-order shit. I think the expensive package comes with a mount and an extra playable race or class. From what I heard about launch, that was worth it.

The Imperial Edition. You get the Imperial race and and Imperial steed.

That is what I got for $20 but I also bought it at release.

I’m not sure who all is in, but i’ll be starting around noonish today. If there’s a guild or faction for grg let me know and i’ll join. There’s daggerfall, ebonheart, or aldmeri. I’m not sure if we have to pick or whatever, but if we do I will be picking aldmeri to play as khajiit which is my preference.

So far I can say that it’s really fun especially if you’re a fan of Elder Scrolls. I think the controls are handled pretty well on on a controller, and have some customization options. The game for a beta is running very well, and I’ve had no bugs really at all.

I need to get in a party or something to test communications. Obviously the ability to chat via typing is not an option, but you can choose preselected emotes or gestures.

I look forward to definitely playing more of this, and with others.

Have to agree with @anon36214017 As someone who played it at launch and has also purchased the transfer to Xbox you think that would automatically put a person into the beta.