TGIF...weekend plans

Whoop so for the US players we have the 4th coming up. Everyone else…well its the weekend. Whats everyone got going on?

I am psyched as my daughter is returning home. Will get to spend some time with my parents as well. So we are already looking to pull out the grill and get some food prep done for one hell of a cookout. Prob will be getting my gaming sessions in late at night as everyone heads to bed.


Smoking a pork butt tomorrow and BBQ on Sunday before listening to Johnny lie Sunday night.


Same thing I always do. 10 to 12 hours of gaming, a little food, and sleep. Just bought a new 34" Ultrawide curved 144hz monitor so I am sure I will play around with that.


Smoking a 14 pound brisket and 6 racks of ribs. Laying by the pool in the 105+ degree heat and drinking some beers.
Thinking about trying the “SWINEAPPLE”


Well, it’s actally not just the weekend here either.

Tomorrow is Canada Day, so it’s the long weekend here.


Is that a chorizo turd coming out of that?


Flying to Lanzarote on Sunday for a short holiday with my girlfriend and her family.

Hoping to see some stuff since I’ve not been there before.
Talk of a restaurant that uses the heat from an active volcano to cook the food - which I want to experience.

Away next weekend too, so I’ll be mostly offline from Sunday 2nd - Sunday 9th.


That looks awesome…web link for it?

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Chorizo tooth picked as a snout

As Beers stated, It’s Canada Day tomorrow. There will be beer and taking the kids to see the fireworks.

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Trying to keep my house spotless as i am trying to sell it. Hoping the weather is good so i can keep the kids out of the house.

Got a showing today and on Monday.


Good luck with showings

Good Luck!

Fucking hell, that looks awesome.

I’m giving GRG a Vacation for a week. Meaning I’ll be down Ocean City NJ all week. A much needed vacation.


Bad thing about smoking today. Getting up at the crack of dawn to start

Did you do any injections or rubs?

Using hickory chips and we kind of did a “winged it” it rub getting some seasonings together on it. Didn’t inject this one. Hoping to give it a nice long slow cook.

Well we just moved to Boerne, TX. Started moving Monday, got things settled Thursday. Spent Thursday afternoon and most of the day Friday down at the coast, getting sunburned. Gonna spend Saturday just relaxing by the pool and grilling. Taking kids to Sea World on Sunday, then back to hometown for the 4th for BBQ and fireworks. Busy week for us!

PS my internet sucks so I gotta work on that